The Story of How Branding has Become Personal

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The story of how Barnding became Personal
by Designer Maxwell L. Alexander

Back in my School of Visual Arts days (less than a decade ago) we were all like “branding is all about consistency, consistency is the king…”  Boy oh boy, have we gone far from that!

As we all know the universe exponentially expands while speeding up in the process. Big Bang is the ultimate concept that can precisely describe socio-economic processes within human civilization: empires are born, expand then fade away. Real Estate bubbles grow, expand then blow up. Economists and mathematicians are busy creating models that supposed to predict the speed of expansion, but technology keeps raining on their parade. The thing is, technology has evolved to the level of sophistication of organic life and Moore’s Law isn’t really a law anymore, because life moves fast, as fast as the universe itself.

Design is where ideas meet realty - Maxwell Alexander
Design is where ideas meet realty – Maxwell Alexander

So what does it all have to do with branding? Branding is the strategic application and the reflection of the progress and evolution of our collective intelligence. Born out of the market economy it helped us to communicate the value of products, team up around concepts and ideas competing on the world stage. When we’ve broken the physical wall and information/data has become the ultimate value itself, branding has become the ever-fluid and universal currency of the global economy. It’s not the governments that print money out of thin air, it is us, Designers who channel infinitely abundant energy of the universe into the reality or simply a bubble that we live in now.

In practical terms, technological cycles are speeding up exponentially.

“New” has become the “better”, so the idea of brand equity has transformed from a static description of a product/concept/idea into a living breathing interactive value itself. Slapping a logo onto a living thing isn’t going to cut it anymore, so Personal Branding has become a better way to put a face on the value, the human face itself has become the brand and now holds its equity.

Is it time to revamp Your Personal Brand?
Introduction to Personal Brand Coaching Bootcamp by Designer Maxwell Alexander

Of course, you know how you view yourself: Loyal, trustworthy, dependable, honest. But that might not be how others see you. Like it or not, how you are perceived by the public is the reality of who you are. It is that public persona that comprises your brand. How important that image is to you can help you decide if you want to craft it yourself or if you want to put it in the hands of a public relations expert.

So why should it be important to you? Because it is your personal brand and the image you portray that outlines the level of your success in business and personal relationships. Strategically developed personal branding can bring more clients your way, attract more and much better opportunities and most importantly give you the confidence, skills, and assets to go out there and conquer! Whether you are an employee working towards your next big promotion or a business owner bringing your business to the next level, or an aspiring social media influencer – everyone can benefit from clarifying your personal brand message, strategically positioning yourself with your goals and expertise in mind and boosting your visibility in order to gain a competitive advantage.

Your proximity to the public should also factor into how you want to be viewed. If you want to be out front and in close contact with your following, then you’ll definitely want to communicate a brand that keeps them near. If you prefer to be a behind-the-scenes operator, public perception is not as important. The amount of time, effort, and resources you invest in branding will definitely affect how closely you can work with the public. Those considered to be your peers play an important role in determining your brand. If you are a part of an industry that is popularly distrusted, such as lawyers, hedge fund managers, real estate agents or used car salesmen, your image is tarnished before you can even craft it. If you are a member of a group that is widely respected, like the military or a charity, then you’ve got a head start in the public relations game. Look around you to see how your associates are judged to see if you want to actively work to create a specific positive perception, or try to distance yourself from a negative image.

Lastly, how valuable you are to stakeholders is vital to the image you choose to convey. The people who depend on you have to believe in you. Projecting the qualities from above of loyalty, trustworthiness, dependability, and honesty are vital to retaining those who invest in you. Without them, you really don’t need a brand. Your brand is non-existent and virtually, so are you.

With these considerations in mind, you’re ready to create a brand that will define you in the eyes of the public. You know who the best you really are. Make sure the world sees you through a lens of your own making.

If the thought of branding your own self is still overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, it might be a good time for some training! Personal Branding Training to be exact, yes it is a skill that everyone can learn and master in just a few coaching sessions. Maxwell Alexander has branded hundreds of big and small (corporate and personal) brands all around the world, starting from fitness and technology startups to Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest NGOs. With more than a decade of corporate and personal branding experience, Maxwell is ready to take your personal brand to the whole new level. Reach out today for your free 15-minute consultation.

Design is where ideas meet realty - Maxwell Alexander
Design is where ideas meet realty – Maxwell Alexander

About Maxwell L. Alexander: Designer, Art Director and World Class Brand Development Expert and Personal Branding Coach Maxwell has developed brand & design strategies for hundreds of companies all around the world, ranging from technology startups, wellness & fitness brands, to Fortune 500 companies and globally renowned non-profit organizations and government agencies. He is a proud alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Technology (Master of Arts) and School of Visual Arts (Bachelor of Fine Arts).

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