Real Estate and AirBnb Photography in Hudson Valley, Catskills, Westchester, and NYC Metro

Daytime Real Estate Photoshoot

  • + 36 Indoor/Outdoor Photographs
  • + Commercial Use License: Web, Social Media, MLS, Zillow, VRBO, Airbnb
  • + Hudson Valley, Catskills, Westchester, NYC, NYC Metro
  • + Fully Insured and Licensed
  • + 48 Hours Turnaround

Dusk/Twilight Real Estate Photoshoot

  • + 36 Interior/Exterior Photographs
  • + Commercial Use License: Web, Social Media, MLS, Zillow, VRBO, Airbnb
  • + Hudson Valley, Catskills, Westchester, NYC, NYC Metro
  • + Fully Insured and Licensed
  • + 48 Hours Turnaround

Premium Upgrades

$100+ ea.
  • + Aerial/Drone Photography + $150
  • + Home Decor Close-Ups +$150 (20+ close-up shots)
  • + Listing Feature in the Hudson Valley Style Magazine (Request a Custom Quote)
  • + $100 Catskills, Columbia, Green, Sullivan, NYC, Long Island

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Each Home has its story and unique charm. Alluvion Real Estate Photography Studio specializes in revealing that story through professional yet artistic and creative commercial and business photography all around the NYC Metro and Hudson Valley + Catskills area including Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam, Westchester, Greene, Rensselaer, Columbia, Saratoga, and Albany Counties.

We don't just take pictures of your houses, we produce inspiring, artistic, and sophisticated photographs that help you sell or rent out a property much faster and for more.

Our Commercial Real Estate Photography and Business Photography packages include digital enhancement and drone/aerial photography by FAA-licensed pilots. Many of our Hudson Valley Real Estate Photography projects are featured in the Hudson Valley Style Magazine and give additional exposure to your real estate listings.

Having Your Home Professionally Photographed? What to Do Before the Photographer Arrives

by Maxwell Alexander, President, Chief Design Officer, Duncan Avenue Group

The real estate market in the Hudson Valley and around the Globe has been changing rapidly, and that has created some challenges for home sellers. It was not that long ago that searching for a home meant driving from New York City all the way to beautiful Hudson Valley neighborhoods, picking up flyers and sales packets and maybe stumbling upon an open house or two.

In the 21st century, home searches are more likely to start online while at lunch break in the office than in the family car. The ease of browsing real estate listings online is hard to beat, and potential buyers can scour dozens of listings in the time it would take to visit just one in person.

The shift to online home shopping has created both challenges and opportunities. If you understand how home buyers shop and what they are looking for, then you can make your listing stand out and rise above the rest. If you fail to put your home in its best light, would-be buyers could pass your home by as they do their online shopping.

Hiring a local Hudson Valley professional photographer is one of the best ways to make your home stand out. Duncan Avenue Real Estate  Photography Studio is your premier professional photography provider in the Hudson Valley area including Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam, Westchester, Greene, Rensselaer, Columbia, Saratoga and Albany Counties. We’ll take care of making your online photographs stand out, but there are certain things you should do before the pro arrives. Here are the steps you should take while you wait for the photographer.

Secure Your Pets

If you have a dog that is aggressive, territorial or just protective, be sure to secure the animal long before the photographer is scheduled to arrive. We love dogs, and in fact, we’ve got two super hyper Jack Russell Terriers at home, however, hey could definitely get in a way of making your home look good in the pictures, especially if they are so cute that it’s just way too distracting.

Even if your pets are not too aggressive, they could get in the way during the photo shoot. Placing your cats and dogs in the basement or garage is a courtesy you should extend to the professional who will be photographing your home.

Start a Fire

If your home has a fireplace, we would want to show it off. Be sure you have a roaring fire going in each of your fireplaces before the photographer arrives.

A lit fireplace will not only make your home look inviting, but it also serves as proof that it's working correctly. A fireplace can be a big selling point, so do not sell yourself short.

Light Some Candles

You can create a homey and inviting environment even if your home does not have a fireplace. Just pick your favorite candles, scatter them around the house and light them up when the photographer arrives.

A set of tapers on the table will create a romantic setting and make your finished photographs look great. A large pillar candle in the living room will create an inviting atmosphere and encourage browsers to take a look. Use your imagination, and ask your Hudson Valley Real Estate Photography Pro for other lighting ideas when he arrives.

Light It Up

Speaking of lighting, turn all the lights on before the photographer's scheduled arrival. If any light bulbs are burned out, take the time to replace them. Set the dimmers to full power so that your home looks as bright and airy as possible.

You can let even more light in by rolling up the blinds and opening up the curtains. You want the space to be as bright and inviting as possible, and that brightness will come through in the finished photographs.

We will bring supplemental lighting with us to make sure all areas of your home look the best they can.

Clear Out the Driveway

We would want shots of the driveway, so remove any cars, trucks or other vehicles before the scheduled photo shoot. Be sure to park them well down the street, keeping the road in front of your home open as possible. Duncan Avenue Photography Studio is the only Real Estate Photography Studio that offers complementary FAA-licensed aerial/drone photography with every property or listing package.

Staging your home for open houses and private showings is important, but making your home look great in the listing photographs may be even more important. You can think of your listing photographs as a special kind of staging, one designed to draw the eyes of would-be buyers and get them to schedule a private appointment.

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