Stop the Mowing Madness With an Eco-Friendly Landida™ Smart Landscape Rock Lawn

While a thick carpet of grass is, unfortunately, the most common lawn option, many homeowners in the United States and all around the World are drawn to the appeal of maintenance-free rock lawns. These pebble-based ground coverings are ideal for regions that are under watering restrictions due to drought (which is basically the entire Planet earth), or for homeowners who are just tired of constant mowing and inhaling pesticides/herbicides that come with their grass lawn. The installation process is similar to installing mulch or rock in a flower bed but encompasses the entire lawn instead. A rock lawn requires almost no ongoing maintenance and actually draws attention to the low-maintenance, evergreen shrubs and trees. In addition, Landida™ Smart Landscapes rock lawns look equally good in the winter as they do in the summer.

Convert to Grass-Free Landscape with Landida™ – Smart Landscapes

Landida™ Smart Landscapes Rock Lawn Benefits

Eliminating the grass from a lawn may seem like a drastic move, but it actually has many time saving and eco-friendly benefits.

  • Reduces the amount of time required to mow, water and fertilize the grass.
  • Conserves water by eliminating the need to water the lawn.
  • Reduces or completely eliminates pesticides applied to the lawn.
  • Reduces the amount of yard waste, such as grass, leaves and pine needles, that is sent to the landfill.

Some cities located in drought-prone areas of the Southwest even provide tax breaks for homeowners who replace their lawn with rock or gravel. This incentive strives to conserve as much water as possible for human consumption.

What to expect when installing Landida™ Smart Landscapes Rock Lawn

We will measure the width and length of the lawn, and multiply the two numbers together to arrive at the square footage of the lawn. We will determine how many tons of rock you need by dividing the number by 100 for 1-inch diameter rock or by 110 for 1/2-inch diameter rock. These measurements are for the recommended installation depth of 2 inches.

Trained Landida™ Smart Landscapes Professional will Prepare the Area

Landida™ Smart Landscapes experts will remove all grass and weeds from the area using a spade to slide under the top 1 to 2 inches of soil. We will place the material into a wheelbarrow and move it to a compost area preferably on your property or a certified compost site. We will not remove any trees or shrubs that you want to remain in place. Instead of spraying the ground with an herbicide, we will install black weed-barrier landscaping fabric. 

Installing the Landida™ Smart Landscapes Rock

Landida™ Smart Landscapes Experts will spread the material out to an even 2-inch thickness using a bow rake. They will repeat the process of spreading out the rock until the entire surface of the lawn is covered. Although we can use any type of gravel or rock desired, river-run gravel is rounded and more comfortable to walk on for both humans and pets, and bluestone 3/8 gravel is just as comfortable to walk on plus has a stylish and sophisticated look. We will rinse the top of the rocks with a garden hose to remove any white residue.

No matter the motivation, Landida™ Smart Landscapes Rock Lawns are attractive landscaping options for all areas of the country. Not only do homeowners reduce the amount of money they spend on the lawn, they gain more time to enjoy their home instead of just maintaining it.