Duncan Avenue Group / February 2018 Press Release


Duncan Avenue Group Shop is now Open
Duncan Avenue Group Shop is now Open

Duncan Avenue Group launches its Online Shop featuring their most popular products and brands.

Duncan Avenue Group enables its clients to access its most popular brands and products directly through its online shop.

Duncan Avenue Group has recently launched its all new products on its online SHOP to enable the people across the world to not only make their own aromatherapy blend online through the company’s interactive website but also shop latest home, decor & art pieces from the DA HOME Collection.The products include its most popular brands and products. They are, but not limited to: DA Aromatherapy Collection featuring products made with organic essential oils; non-toxic Woodland Trails natural tick, bug and mosquito repellent; Branded Hudson Valley Style Magazine Apparel and magazine subscription, Original Oil Paintings on Canvas and much more. These have been the most remarkable creation yet by Duncan Avenue Group that is known for bringing innovation to the World of aromatherapy, style, and real estate.
Moreover, Duncan Avenue Group uses made in the USA plant derived 100% natural and organic ingredients and essential oils that are designed in Hudson Valley, New York. Some of the known products included in the DA Aromatherapy Collection include Botanical Joy, Woodland Trials, Bug Repellents, Aromatherapy Mists and Sprays with organic essential oils, and so on.
So far, Duncan Avenue Group has received a great positive response from its customers from across the Globe.

For more information on Duncan Avenue Group, its products and how to order online, visit https://shop.duncanavenue.com

Company’s name: Duncan Avenue Group.
Media Contact: Maxwell L. Alexander (President, Chief Design Officer)
Website: duncanavenue.com
Phone : +1-845-372-5777