Decorate Your Rental Home the Right Way to Make it Feel Like a Real Home - World's Fines Wall Art Printed on Canvas in the USA

According to, “The share of Americans who rent their home is 27%, the share of non-homeowners who can’t afford to buy a home is 43%, the share of renters living in single-family homes in the US is 42%, and the share of renters under 30 years old in the US is 49%.”

Decorate Your Rental Home the Right Way to Make it Feel Like a Real Home

Maybe you are a new renter or someone who has been renting for a while and you want to make your rental feel more like home. Consider the following tips to transform your rental space into the comfortable space you love coming home to.

Embellishing the Walls

A simple step to make your rental feel like home is to embellish the walls. You can choose a paint color that can brighten up space and add your specific personality. However, it’s important to check with the landlord to ascertain whether or not you are permitted to paint the walls.

Sprucing it up with Inspiring Wall Art

Another way to embellish the walls is to hang pictures and personal photos or artwork that resonates with you. Again, check with the landlord if you can hang artwork with nails on the walls. Otherwise, you can use products like photo hanging strips to hang the artwork and photos without making nail holes in the walls. - World's Fines Wall Art Printed on Canvas in the USA – World’s Fines Wall Art Printed on Canvas in the USA

Fine art could be expensive, but there is an affordable yet tasteful way to decorate your Hudson Valley rental with contemporary and sophisticated wall art prints on canvas. Choose from many fine art photography themes, whether it’s nature, architecture, still life and sculpture photography, or even motivational fitness and bodybuilding photography that will take your home’s cultural ambiance to a whole new level. is the world’s finest wall art online store with high-quality fine art photo prints made right here in the USA and featuring amazingly inspiring fine art photography work by Maxwell Alexander.

Making the Floors Work for You

You can add area rugs to different rooms in the rental. Even if the place doesn’t have hardwood floors, but has carpeting, you can still add an area rug on top of the carpet to give your space more personality. By choosing the right rug patterns, you can create a unique design for your rental, but also unify it by adding similar patterned rugs.

Finding Furniture that Suits You

Your furniture should be functional, but also comfortable and can showcase your unique design style. You can visit the blog to read their article, “Furniture Styles” which shares the history of furniture styles from traditional styles during the Jacobean era of the 1600s to modern-day styles.

Make sure when buying furniture for your space, that you choose items that fit well within each room and don’t crowd the area to make the place feel smaller. Choose wisely when it comes to pieces like side tables and coffee tables. You can let your personality shine and make the rental feel like home by picking pieces that have the right color schemes to create a fun and relaxing space.

Adding the Right Miscellaneous Pieces

Once all the major design choices are made, you can begin choosing the right miscellaneous pieces that can make your rental feel cozy and like home. Add the right pieces like the following:

  • Throw Pillows
  • Decorative Tiles
  • Ornamental Trays
  • Flower Vases
  • Lighting Accents
  • Hanging Plants
  • Candles Like Tealights
  • Small Mirrors
  • Bold Accent Pieces
  • Vintage or Modern Pieces
  • Interesting Organizational Items

Make Your Rental More Like Home

Get creative when it comes to your do-it-yourself design to make your rental the comfortable space you actually enjoy living in. By following the basic steps outlined in this article, you can get off to a good start in making your rental your home.