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Reasons for Professional Staging Consultation with a Licensed Real Estate Broker

Home staging is a crucial marketing tool when you are planning to sell your home and to acquire the real worth of your property. It also increases the rate at which your house will sell and even attract multiple bidders with higher offers.

Dino Alexander, CEO, Duncan Avenue Group
Dino Alexander, CEO, Duncan Avenue Group

For quality and satisfying home staging services, it is essential to look for professional home staging consultation from an experienced and licensed real estate broker who not only has a great taste but also knows and understands why your house sells for a top dollar.

Dino Alexander, the principal broker at Alexander Maxwell Realty has years of experience in real estate sales and interior design and he knows exactly what you need to do to stage your Hudson Valley home in a way that will help you to sell it on top of the market. He will guide you and provide with priceless advice on how to stage your home right.

Reasons to choose staging consultation from a licensed real estate broker.

Improves Appeal and Marketability

The real estate broker will offer you with a plan for preparing and staging your home. In addition to that, there will provide recommendations on how a house should look online and advice on making your house more appealing. Staging captures the interest of the buyer and attracts online views that lead to more private showings.

Increase in objectivity

The perception of the homeowner and the buyer is different in terms how the house looks. Most owners believe their clients will love the house the way they see or perceive. However, that is not true sometimes, considering that with the help of a professional stager, you will get advice on how to prepare and showcase your house before the sale.

Getting property-specific style and design advice

In many cases, homeowners can get overwhelmed with the home selling process or confused on the interior design/decor items that they need to work on to better appeal to potential buyers. Homeowners sometimes lack the knowledge of performing a task, and they may end up doing nothing and lose thousands of dollars of their home value at the end of the sale transaction.

On that note,  the consultation of a licensed real estate broker will enable the homeowner to get the appropriate recommendations on the home staging based on the market research and not a blunt “this looks nice” approach.


With consultation from a professional real estate broker, you will get to understand the actual costs of staging, what you need for staging and finally come up with a plan that will suit your budget. Plus, licensed real estate broker will not recommend you to spend any more on staging than the market dictates - this will ensure that your staging fee will be an investment, rather than a loss.

Home Staging Services in Hudson Valley, New York.
Home Staging Services in Hudson Valley, New York.

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